Quality Medical Care at Home.  House Calls in Atlanta Georgia.  Nice.

The newest innovation in medicine, is a return to simpler times…a time when doctors made house calls.
Based in Atlanta Georgia, Resurgia Health Solutions is an innovative house call medical practice focused on providing quality medical care at home. Through our house call practice, our visiting physicians are able to treat patients in the comfort of their own homes with a suite of mobile medical services that enables a high-touch approach to medicine that is refreshingly innovative and highly effective in getting to better patient outcomes.

We provide comprehensive care for most medical conditions, and specialize in taking care of complex patients. We serve as the primary care physician for the vast majority of our patients, assuming ongoing responsibility for their care, and coordinating whatever sub-specialty input may be required.

Board Certified Clinicians Resurgia’s house call medical practice is staffed with board certified clinicians that are experienced in primary, urgent, acute, chronic, geriatric, palliative and post-operative care.  They are committed to changing the way medical care is delivered…one patient at a time.

Serious Medical Care We treat patients with multiple chronic or acute conditions that require ongoing medical care management, AND patients who are just not feeling well and need medical attention without having to spend countless hours in the doctor’s waiting room. Although most patients ask us to become their Primary Care Provider (which we are happy to do), some just need to be seen for an immediate condition, on a one-time basis.

We provide serious medical care at home…and we treat coughs and sniffles too.  Either way, you can get the convenience and quality of a visiting physician medical house call. Our visiting house call physicians and nurses provide primary and transitional medical care at home to adult patients of all ages with a wide range of chronic, acute and geriatric conditions in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Medical Services:

  • – Acute Care
  • – Transitional Care
  • – Preventative Medicine
  • – Annual Exams
  • – Prescription Management
  • – Blood Draws
  • – Labs
  • – X-ray and Medical Imaging
  • – Referrals to Physical Therapy
  • – Referrals to Specialized Rehabilitation Services
  • – Coordination of Home Health Services
  • – Authorizations for Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • – Community Placement Consultations
  • – Coordination of Social Services
  • – Diagnostic Testing Authorizations

Broad Coverage We currently provide house call medical care at home to patients living in Atlanta Georgia and surrounding counties including Henry, Clayton, Cherokee, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett and Rockdale.

Built to Be Mobile. Our infrastructure is built to support mobile medicine and we actively curate a network of high-performing home and personal care agencies, senior care facilities, medical equipment providers, specialist medical providers, transitional care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, community resources and hospitals that support our goals and partner with us in providing more complete medical care at home…when and where you need it.

Resurgia Health Solutions is a member of:

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