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Mobility Quiz

Different Patients. Same Quality Care.

As a mobile medical practice, Resurgia is able to treat different patients in different ways. We treat patients who are mobility constrained AND patients who just want the convenience of being treated at home.

Mobility Constrained (Homebound) Patients (MCPs)

eldersWe typically treat mobility constrained patients in their homes…wherever home is. These patients meet “confined to the home” criteria as explained below, and the cost of their medical care is usually covered by their insurance company. There may be other non-covered services and fees that apply that must be paid by the patient.

not sick
Non-Constrained Patients (NCPs)

We also treat patients who just need the convenience of home based medical care. For these patients, the cost of medical services and other fees are due at the time of service, and are paid to Resurgia directly by the patient. The patient can then file a claim with their insurance company.



So what qualifies a patient as Mobility Constrained or Homebound?

Take the test to find out.


Our Podiatry program now offers Home to Surgery to Home program.

We now accept Humana and Cigna HMO Plans.

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