Visiting Physicians in Georgia. Nice.

Resurgia’s Visiting Physicians can provide complete medical care at home. For patients that have difficulty leaving home, Resurgia’s House Call Medical Practice offers a unique service that brings the primary care doctor to your door.  You can get the care you need while still in your PJs.

The modern house call is a technological twist on an old favorite. In the old days, the doctor with his trusty leather doctor’s bag would make rounds to see some of his sickest patients at home. Today, Resurgia Mobile Doctors perform similar visits in Different ways.

The Resurgia house call bag is packed with electronic medical tools and access to your medical records and history through cloud based Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

Resurgia’s mobile doctors use their cars as their primary office. Everything they need comes with them, or follows after them. This includes, labs, electronic prescriptions, X-Rays and Ultrasounds, and EKGs…you name it, they can provide it

These modern mobile doctors treat really sick patients, with multiple chronic and acute conditions, patients that have recently been discharged from hospital for treatment of chronic and acute conditions, or patients that recently completed a surgical procedure.

In addition, Resurgia’s mobile doctors also stop by to see patients who are just not feeling well. The mobile doctors are able to provide treatment for many of the typical illnesses that affect active people: coughs, fevers, rash, strep, digestive disorders, persistent headaches, muscle aches and pains, and frankly, any other minor illness that will typically take you to the doctor’s office.

The benefits of mobile doctors providing medical care at home (house calls) are immediately obvious to anyone that has had to take a sick child, spouse or parent to the doctor’s office:

  • No time wasted in doctors waiting rooms
  • No exposure to other sick patients
  • Reduced time off from work
  • No sterile examination rooms. You are seen and treated in your comfortable surroundings
  • No medical transportation
  • Fewer ER visits
  • Potentially lower costs
  • Lower stress
  • Excellent bedside (or couch side) manner
  • Full service care…at home

Get well sooner. Stay healthy longer.

With Resurgia’s mobile doctors, Quality Medical Care Comes Home.

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Resurgia is a member of the National Aging in Place Council and the American Association for Home Care Medicine.

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